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Our production company is constantly evolving to suit the needs of our clients. Be it a full video production or simply a rental of the studios, IMP Digital Studios has the expertise to execute all of your production needs.

Our Production Company


IMP Digital Studios has a scalable production studio space that can accommodate varying project sizes. With a wide range of equipment and flexible production studio space, you can be certain that our production company can bring your vision to life.


Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in the process of planning, budgeting, and executing your video production. We know that work cannot be put on hold just because you’re away from your office. In order to accommodate your needs, IMP Digital provides our clients with access to all of our amenities, including: free wifi, copiers/printers, conference rooms, and lounges for when you and your clients just want to sit back and relax.


IMP Digital Studios has extensive experience in many different fields of production. Our company has a vast array of options on premises for our clients, including our green screen studio, production studio sets, and recording studio, complete with our Grammy Award-winning in-house audio engineer! From music videos and live events, to corporate video production and pharma videos, all the way to internal communication videos and live streaming for your business, IMP Digital Studios is sure to produce a quality product every time!

Our Services

Video Production NJ IMP Digital Studios

Video Production

IMP Digital Studios makes your video production experience exciting and stress-free. We take our passion in video production seriously in order to deliver the best possible product to our clients, however, we never lose sight of how fun the process is! Whether you’re looking for pre or post production, corporate video production, or require a specialty such as medical video production, IMP Digital Studios is confident that we can offer our expertise and create an exceptional product every time.

Green Screen Studio NJ IMP Digital Studios

Green Screen Studio

Our flexible and spacious green screen studio has the equipment and assets to accommodate your production needs. Our full lighting grid ensures an even green, which is necessary for smooth set-up and shoot experience, and our Tri-caster set up is more than capable of making your live production a reality. Scalable up to four cameras, our live broadcasts can be produced on the green screen or any one of our sets. Our green screen studio is also available for rentals upon request.

NJ Recording Studio IMP Digital Studios

Recording Studio

Many, if not all video productions, require quality audio to enhance the final product. Our production company adds to our in house services with our Grammy Award Winning recording studio! Since being established in 1993, we have worked with some of the most recognizable names in rock, gospel, and almost any genre you can name. Whether you are looking to record music, or your business needs a space to record audio tracks for your video production, our company offers a recording studio space that is impeccably engineered to produce the best quality sound.

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