Recording Studio

From the music industry to the commercial world alike, our recording studio has been the flagship of all of our services at IMP Digital Studios. We can proudly claim over twenty years of experience producing the best quality audio for clients in the New Jersey and New York areas.

Our Recording Studio

Why do people come to IMP Digital Studios to record? Passion and experience. Our clients come to our NJ recording studio for the sound, expertise, and commitment. From gospel to metal, local bands to living legends, musicians, voiceover artists and videographers, the mission is to bring the best out of every sound. For twenty five years, our recording studio engineers won’t have it any other way!

New Jersey Recording Studio IMP Digital Studios

Our Services

Your projects have a range of different needs and requirements, and through our recording studio space and equipment we feel that we can help you handle all of our audio needs. We offer a wealth of services to our clients:

  • Music Recording
  • Voiceover Recording
  • Commercial Recording
  • Live Rehearsal and Recording Space
  • Mixing and Mastering

The Space

To make sure our recording studio can provide you with the best possible recording quality, we wanted to create the best possible recording space. Once the control room was built, we brought in Sam Berkow, designer of JBL Smart Software – the industry leading acoustic measurement and sound-system optimization package – to tweak our listening environment. After the final changes to our recording studio, Sam insisted that IMP Digital Studios has one of the best imaging control rooms in the Northeast! Our clients agree, and we think you would too.

We designed our live recording space to comfortably accommodate our clients’ needs regardless of the project size. Our facilities have been able to accommodate everything from 30 piece choirs, jazz quartets, and rock bands.

New Jersey Recording Studio IMP Digital Studios
Recording Studio NJ IMP Digital Studios

Our Gear and Equipment

The space is designed to create the clearest possible sound that brings your vision to life, but a recording studio doesn’t rely on the space alone to make it great. We wanted to make sure that we could provide our clients digital power with an analog feel in a creative space. Our recording studio gear and equipment allows us to bring out the true personality of the recording space at IMP Digital Studios. Not only do we work with Euphonix, Pro Tools, Apogee, Avid, Neumann, and so much more, but we have the people who know how to set it up to capture the sound that you want for your project.

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