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Whether you need to shoot a commercial for use online, or for television, we’ll have you covered at IMP Digital Studios. Our team has tons of experience when it comes to commercial video production across many different verticals. Not only can we shoot remote or at your location, but you’ll have access to our on site video production studios, green screen studio, and recording studio. Everything you need to make your commercial video production a reality, is here at IMP Digital Studios.

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Our Commercial Video Production Services

Here at IMP Digital Studios, we don’t just handle one aspect of the commercial video production process and then just pass it off, but we can handle everything for you in house. We’ll work with you through every step in the process from pre-production and planning, to production, and then on through to post-production to make sure that you get the highest quality product every time. Not only that, but you will have access to our commercial video production studio, green screen studio, and recording studio along with our Grammy Award winning audio engineer.

We have years of experience across many different verticals and many different types of shoots. Our production experience ranges from small business clients, to the medical and pharmaceutical industries, live broadcast and event video productions, on up to shooting commercials and promotional content with some of the top brands in the nation and more. We like to keep a professional, yet fun, atmosphere combined with our experience to make sure that the commercial video production process is enjoyable for our clients so that we can provide you with a high quality end product. If you want to see some more of our work, you can check out the reel here on this page, or feel free to check out our portfolio for some more of our past work.

In House Video Production Studio

Depending on your commercial video production needs, we can shoot remotely, at your location, or you can have full access to our customizable video production studios, green screen studio, or recording studio. All of our facilities on site come fully equipped with high quality production equipment, and the ability to live stream content directly from our offices. If your production requires any additional equipment that we might not have in house, we can bring that in as needed.

Our in house green screen studio is equipped with a 25 foot green screen wall, designed by Uniset, along with a fully customizable lighting grid. There is plenty of space to shoot at our offices, and if there are any custom changes that need to be added or removed from our production studio setups, those can be made for you. To see a more in depth look at our commercial video production studios that we have on premises, you can see a walkthrough on this page.

Location and Amenities

Located just off of Route 17 North in Paramus, New Jersey, IMP Digital Studios is about a 30 minute drive from Manhattan. This gives our clients access to high quality commercial video production services in the Manhattan area, without having to pay the Manhattan prices. Not only do our clients get access to the convenient location near Manhattan, but in the area around our offices there are plenty of hotels and restaurants in case out of town travel is needed.

We know that business doesn’t wait, so because of that we also make our offices available to our clients if you need to do business while on the road. All of our clients get access to all of our office amenities, wifi, copiers/prints, work spaces and conference rooms, and access to our lounges as if it was their own office. If you or your clients need a place to take care of business, or just to lounge and relax during production, we’ve got you covered. Feel free to give us a call or reach out to us through the form at the bottom of this page if you would like more information on our services, or if you would like to get in touch to discuss more about your commercial video production project.

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