NJ Film and Digital Media Tax Credit Program

The New Jersey Film Tax Credit Program provides a tax credit of 30% of video production expenses incurred after July 1, 2018 against the corporation business tax and the gross income tax for certain expenses incurred during a film or video production in New Jersey.

That tax credit can be increased to 35% for qualified video production service expenses and property purchased through vendors whose primary place of business is located in Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Capemay, Cumberland, Gloucester, Mercer or Salem County.

In order for a video production to meet the requirements for the program, it must meet at least one of two criteria.

  • A minimum of 60% of the video production’s total expenses (excluding post-production expenses) must be incurred after July 1, 2018 and must have been purchased through vendors authorized to do business in New Jersey, or
  • The video production must have more than $1,000,000 in qualified film production expenses incurred in New Jersey after July 1, 2018 including pre-production costs and post-production costs.

Qualified video production expenses do not include things like expenses incurred in marketing or advertising, or payment in excess of $500,000 for highly compensated individuals for costs for a story, script, or scenario used in a production, or wages or salaries or other compensation for writers, directors, including music directors, producers, and performers, other than background actors with no scripted lines.

For some more in depth information on the NJ Film and Digital Media Tax Credit Program, you can visit the links below. If you would like to get in contact with us to discuss if your video production project would qualify for this program, feel free to give us a call or submit your information below and we will reach out to you.

Department of State Website

New Jersey Film Tax Credit Overview PDF

Division Of Taxation Website Q&A

New Jersey Film Tax Credit Q&A PDF

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