Video Production Services

IMP Digital Studios is a New Jersey video production company that is both flexible and fun to work with. We take our passion in our video production services seriously, but never lose sight of how fun the process is. Whether it be documentaries, TV pilots, commercial video production services, or corporate video production services, our skilled, creative staff always strives to present your content in a way designed to successfully captivate your target audience.

Our Video Production Services

IMP Digital Studios is aware of the importance of branding and the perception of your business, no matter the industry. We are confident that we can handle all of your video production needs. Thanks to our years of experience, skilled employees, and high-quality equipment, we have the ability to guide you through the professional production of your project start to finish. From professional video production services, commercial video production services, corporate video production services, and medical video production, to internal video production for your business, we can provide you with a quality product. Videos can be recorded at remote locations or within our green screen studio, recording studio, and varying production studio sets on premises.

Check Out Some Of Our Work

Centrally located in Paramus, New Jersey, IMP Digital Studios handles clients from the New Jersey and New York area. Please feel free to view our most recent video production reel. Contact us if you would like to discuss how we can help address your video production needs.

IMP Digital Studios has plenty of resources nearby for your clients who may be travelling. Hotels and night life in the area make it easy for you to entertain your K.O.Ls. We proudly stand by our methodology of maintaining a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere that adds to the creative process. Working with us is not simply about producing a professional video production, but creating a positive overall experience for our clients!

Medical Video Production Services

One of our primary niches is in the medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare space. We have over twenty years of experience in all aspects of medical video production, covering ranges of productions such as training videos, procedure videos, assembly lines, plant tours, and medical animations. We provide our clients with everything from a secure CDN for live broadcasts, to a secure editing system of intranet servers so that clients don’t have to worry about their content falling into the wrong hands.

Being that we are part of the PharmaSphere group of companies, we have always had strong ties to the medical and pharmaceutical industries. We feel that this helps us understand and address the needs of businesses within these niches much more effectively. Whether your business needs to address your employees internally, or you are in need of video explaining your products or services in more depth, we can assist your business in putting together the right video!

Corporate Video Production Services

Communicating your message to your target audience is paramount in today’s content-dominated world. You only have seconds to make sure what you put in front of your potential customers captures their attention. A corporate video production can help you assemble a professional, branded, and targeted message that will resonate with your target audience.

We work with clients through all phases of the video production process. From planning and pre-production, all the way through shooting and post-production, we make sure that we are working with our clients every step of the way. At IMP Digital Studios, we utilize our years of experience to develop video productions for our corporate clients that properly address and suit the needs of their businesses.

Internal Communications

imp digital studios video production services nj production during shoot

Corporate video production services can be employed at remote locations or at our in house production studios that our clients have access to for any of their corporate video needs. If you have the need to broadcast live video, we have the ideal, flexible live broadcasting set up with all of the equipment necessary to produce a professional product.

In addition to live broadcasting, IMP Digital Studios is experienced in creating internal communications videos for larger companies. Video presents a much more effective way for businesses to communicate internally with their employees. Internal communications could be in regards to changes within the company, rules and regulations, training, or any message you need to efficiently broadcast within your business. We have assisted various corporations with their internal communication needs through video, which has proven to be an effective and scalable way to distribute messages throughout businesses.

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