Healthcare and Medical Video Production

For years IMP Digital Studios has been producing medical, healthcare, and pharma video productions. Our company started out in the pharmaceutical world, which led to us developing a specialty for all things medical video production. Not only do we have the ability to shoot remotely, but our clients have access to our on site green screen studio, video production studios, and recording studio as well.

Healthcare and Medical Video Production Services

Since the beginning, IMP Digital Studios has been producing content in the healthcare and medical spaces. We have done many different types of healthcare and medical video productions whether it be remote on location shoots, or shoots that leverage our on site green screen studio and video production studios. This video highlights one of our past clients detailing the surgical equipment used by Dr. K. Khazaei and his staff at his offices. If you would like to see more examples of our healthcare video productions or medical video productions feel free to check out our reel or to visit our portfolio for all of our work.

Pharmaceutical Video Production Services

Our NJ video production company was originally created from the pharmaceutical world, and many of our early work was pharmaceutical video production. IMP Digital Studios’ founding members come directly from the pharmaceutical industry, so not only do we have extensive video production experience in pharma, but we have plenty of connections and experience in the pharmaceutical industry as well. Check out our reel on this page to see our wide range of work, or if you would like to see any specific content check out our portfolio.

About Our Studios and Location

Our on site amenities are what we believe help to set us apart from other video production companies in the marketplace. We have a fully equipped green screen studio with a 25 foot green screen wall and a customizable lighting grid. Also, we have multiple spaces on site that are set up as fully customizable video production studios. All of our spaces have all the equipment you would need to handle any medical video production, including the ability to live stream video directly from our facilities. On top of all of that, we also have a professional recording studio in our offices that is run by our in house Grammy Award winning audio engineer.

Located just off of Route 17 North in Paramus New Jersey, IMP Digital Studios is just 30 minutes from Manhattan. This gives our clients the ability to work in the Manhattan area without having to pay Manhattan prices for their medical video production services. Around our offices, there are plenty of hotels, restaurants, and entertainment in case any of our clients need to travel from out of town.

If you have any additional questions about how we could make your medical or healthcare video production a reality, feel free to give us a call or reach out to us through the form on this page.

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